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MIB Tornado

Innovative approach to root canal preparation

Simple, and quick root canal preparation, with a minimal number of files. Allows a predictive treatment of the majority of root canals with minimal damage to the tooth structure, and preserving the natural anatomy of the canal.

Tornado system comprises single use files and contra-angle heads in order to prevent cross-contamination. The gentle action, the easy operation of Tornado designated handpiece, the economical price of the files and its efficiency benefits dentists and patients alike.

MIB Tornado
  • Made of layers of wrapped stainless steel wires on a cable core
  • Rough surface is achieved by metal particle injection technology
  • The file's 0.5 mm edge is sharpened at a 45°angle with a trimmed, rounded end.
  • Passive edge with a smooth, polished surface used for guidance only and prevents ledges
  • Operated by a single button: ON- OFF
  • No need for adjustment – built-in safety mechanism eliminates the need to select parameters.
  • Automatic rotational speed adjusted to load, Maximum: 6,500 rpm by friction only - overload protection
  • Cordless, low weight device
  • Filing of dentine walls instead of standard drilling and cutting.
  • 6,500 rpm file rotation speed, varying with load.
  • Inherent safety mechanism (torque limiter) - prevents file breakage
  • Inherent slip mechanism prevents Torque overload
  • Single-use instruments
  • One length matches all canals
  • Prevention of ledge-formation and perforations
  • Minimal breakage rate
  • Symmetric removal of the dentine layer
  • Easy to control - no screwing toward the apex
  • File adapts itself to any canal shape and maintains the canal anatomy
  • Prevention of patient cross-contamination.
  • Convenient access to posterior teeth
  • Convenient access to posterior teeth
  • Activation of the irrigating solutions throughout the process
  • Preparation and cleaning of the canals with irregular cross-sections
  • Minimal risk of dentin defects and cracks.
  • One length matches all canals
  • Removes debris with excellent efficiency
  • Simple and quick preparation
  • Few instruments, the practitioner follows a simplified workflow, which gains time and benefits the patient too.
  • The flexibility of the Gentlefile, which is maintained along its entire length, allows the dentist to use the entire length of the file, meaning that in most cases one length matches all canals. The file is active along its entire length.
  • A combination of file flexibility and centrifugal movement permits accessing and cleaning of the irregular parts of canals that NiTi files cannot reach.
  • The surface roughness enables filing of the canal walls without screwing-in effect and easy control of the file movement in the canal.
  • The file's flexibility and torque limitation mechanism reduce the damage potential and minimize the risk of dentin defects and cracks.
  • A high rotational (6500 rpm) speed activates the irrigation solutions within the canal resulting in an improved cleaning ability.

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