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About MIB Dental Co.

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About MIB Co.

MIB Company has been founded in 1999 with the aim of providing selected products for Middle-East market.
We are responsible for all the procedures from packaging of the device to making the user manual guides. All the devices will also show MIB’s logo as they start operating.
With the help of our skill and knowledge we were also able to import MIB’s French dental implant in OBL section. In addition to the provision of goods to the local French market, a wide and complete variety of supplies is offered to customers in a range of countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

MIB strives to provide superior customer service through prompt action and delivery, as well as the provision of on-going client support. In short, we truly value our relationship with our customers.


To be the trustable provider of targeted specialized dental products both in domestic and international market. We are dedicated to providing our clients dental needs through being a resource of cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art quality products.
MIB's mission is also to use its extensive IT experience to deliver tangible business results, enabling our clients to profit from the advanced use of technology.
We strive to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Area of Activity

We are a dental product manufacturer and supplier.
MIB is well known as a Private Label / OBL Company operating under license of some factories around the world.

Social Responsibility

We care for our community’s welfare


we encourage creativity and deliver innovatively

Team Work

We work and celebrate achievements together


We care for our employees


Delight customers

Integrity & honesty

We work ethically



FDA registration

The company is registered as a producer of medical devices sold in the United States of America, where the Food and Drug Administration is the administrative authority for registrations of all drugs and medical devices.

ISO certification

MIB a.s. complies with the requirements set out by the quality management system as per the EN ISO 13485 international standard for medical devices, and also complies with the requirements set out by EU Directive 93/42/EEC for the producers of medical devices.

Partners & Suppliers

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Over 19 years experience in dental products is a good proof for our competency in this field. With offices in France, Canada and UAE, we have the privilege to evaluate different manufacturers for their quality and price to provide our customers with a collection of the best available dental products and a competitive price.</p> <p>Our dental products are being provisioned from Europe, the U.S., Korea and China. We select our manufacturers from the most popular, dynamic factories around the world.